Resilient future needs their resilient communities, powered by the green, inspirative stories.

The Change Makers Podcast aims to raise awareness about changes needed in our behavior, in our society, and in our economy in order to preserve our planet and live more sustainably. As a guest of this podcast, I have been discussing with the host Catalina Catana clean & affordable energy, what holds us back from employing it and what are the underlying behavioral patterns of change towards a green & resilient future. 

My role: Guest Speaker


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We have the know-how. Now we need to get the society & the businesses on our side.

The Change Makers Podcast has a clear focus: the SDGs. We have only one decade left to achieve the UN’s SDGs and we need to speed up the process to make it happen.

This podcast puts in the spotlight international thinkers and initiatives that are helping us get one step closer to the goals and will hopefully inspire listeners to start their own initiatives, in their own communities.

I keenly recommend other episodes of this podcast!

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