Young people are full of great visions and limitless potential. A wise leader doesn’t laugh at their naivety but gives them a seat at the round table.

Municipalities are not always willing to let citizens speak into their activities. Even if the city leaders acknowledge the power of the young generation, the battle is not won. “How to release ourselves from our stereotypes? How to communicate with the young generation? What are the burdens of the young people and how can we make the city attractive for them on the long-term scale?” asks the municipality. And we provide the solution.

My role: Sustainability Communication Advisor, Marketing Strategist


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We know you think differently. Now the town will change according to you

Employing both direct and indirect communication, the city can convince and enthuse young citizens about the change. How? Through the platform of Příbram Challenge, which brings real solutions to the city and valuable experience to the contestants. The topics may change within every year, due to the presence of a national park of Brdy in a district Příbram, “the Environment” was chosen as the pilot theme for the first year.

First, speak directly

We know that big campaigns are not always kicked off with the big fanfares. In our case, we have advised the municipality to step out of their comfort zone first, go and personally visit the students in the familiar environment of their schools. Like that, the city counselors could arouse the interest in students and excite them about the first ideas. The humble, direct tone of communication was the solution.

Second, launch the big show

Like many other cities, Příbram also faces the everyday critique on social media. It feels like with the launch of a new project, everyone is an expert on a given topic, posting pictures and critical comments online. We have chosen the same link in the way of municipality, slightly provocative self-criticism, targeting active young citizens. Regarding the chosen communication channels, Facebook and Instagram stories, the visuals are purely textual to step out of the rest of the user’s content, allowing fast, clear and easy understanding. The message included the quotes, some of them based on real comments, and a call to action.

Once having the contestants allocated, the show might go on. Mentors, who were invited by the municipality, introduce their expertise and topics they lead, students choose one of them to be part of the semi-monitored challenge. With a to-do list for every meeting and enthusiastic team, the municipality can expect the inspiring results of the contest, and the participants will gain experience through the mentorship. The young people become a direct part of public decision making and build up a closer relationship with their hometown.