One billion toothpaste tubes are thrown out each year.

And the toothpaste tubes are often consisting of non-recyclable chemicals and full of pollutants.

But you cannot simply tell people to stop brushing their teeth.

The human diet is harmful to our teeth more than ever, the cultural importance of toothbrushing is raising and together with the improving education in the field of personal hygiene the need for responsible toothpaste packaging is bigger than ever.

Together with a disruptive branding studio Kontra we designed the solution to the struggle: GET. Green Effective Tube. The design, which is based on behavioral sciences. The solution, which is targeting the general public, not only the narrow sustainable bubble.

My role: Marketing Strategist, Behavioural Researcher, Partnership Manager

How did we do it? Have a look!


  • Sustainability
  • Disruptive Design
  • Behavioural Research
  • Strategy


  • Rossana Orlandi Guiltless Plastic Competition Finalist
  • Milano Design Week Exhibitor
  • Brno Design Days Exhibitor

We created this project as the challenge project for RO Guiltless Plastic Prize. We got to the finals of the competition and earned a “Special Recognition Project” appraisal.

We have also exhibited on Milano Design Week and Brno Design Days and now we are on the look for the investor who will help us get the project to the shelves. If it is you, shoot me a PM!