“Protect yourself from polluted air”, call doctors and climate scientists to action.

“Coal damages our health and climate. ‍We must end its mining and incineration. According to scientists, polluted air worsens the course of the covid-19 disease, as well as other respiratory diseases. Our air is dirtier than in the vast majority of EU countries, mainly due to coal mining and combustion – from large power plants to small domestic boilers. We are doctors from the Czech Republic and we only care about one thing: the health of our patients. The healthy heart of Europe.”

My role: Marketer, Communication Specialist, Project Manager


  • Community Management
  • Project Management
  • Activism
  • Event Marketing
  • Public Relations

Goal: To create a self-sustaining professional movement that will complement the Czech environmental activists.

In cooperation with the Friends of the Earth and European Climate Foundation, I was part of the origin of a new doctor’s movement, striving to phase out a coal of our energy-producing system to save lives and health of the world citizens.

As a cleantech storyteller, I have helped to shape the communication strategy including attracting well-known doctors and scientists to the movement, communicating with media and the public, and coordinated the design team to explain the mission in the sharpest, most engaging way in the various graphic and motion designs, including video, webpage design, social media, infographics, and posters.

Part of attracting the attention of the stakeholders was crafting a manifesto, expressing exactly what the doctors feel and value, written in the language that is close to the doctors. In close cooperation with the Czech pneumology doctors and climate scientists, we have crafted the following text:

Call for doctors and paramedics to end coal mining and burning

Our mission is to improve people’s health in a country with one of the most polluted air in the European Union. Pollutants are causative agents, rapidly exacerbate and complicate the course of respiratory diseases, cardiovascular or oncological diseases. Thousands of people die every year because of them. The costs of treatment or incapacity for work go into the tens of billions of crowns. We’ve had enough. We are doctors and health professionals and we care about only one thing: the health of our patients.

We, therefore, turn to the government, MPs, senators, governors, mining companies, energy companies, and all others involved – stop coal mining and burning as soon as possible and move to modern and clean energy sources. We want to see deadlines and responsibilities that will lead to a quick solution. ‍

The coronavirus pandemic has shown us more clearly than ever how interconnected human health and the health of the planet are. We now have the choice to act and protect the health of our country and its people. ‍

Otherwise, Czechia, the heart of Europe, will never recover due to the dirty air.

The following video was used to explain our mission to the public and to attract more doctors to join the movement:

Hopeful results in the uncertain times

Communicating climate pollution in the times when society deals with corona is not easy. After all, communicating anything else than corona updates in the corona times is not easy. We have found a thin, but certain line of communication through talking about the connection of air pollution caused by coal-burning and worsened state of the respiratory diseases (including corona) patients in the given areas where coal is excessively burned. 

Our goal was clear: not to disparage the corona crisis, yet to focus the public’s attention on no less impending health crisis that can come with the climate crisis.

Our research-based communication strategy, wrapped in an appealing design, attracted the major state media attention and 60+ renowned doctors, joining their voice in the For Healthy Heart of Europe movement.

Project Outcome

60+ Leading Doctors & Scientists Onboarded

The movement is supported by medical & scientific personalities, such as doctor & ecotoxicologist MuDr. Radim Šrám, DrSc. from the Commission for the Environment of Czech Academy of Sciences, Prof. MUDr. Jana Skřičková, CSc., professor at Masaryk University, a doctor at the Department of Pulmonary Diseases and Tuberculosis, Brno University Hospital and MUDr. Radkin Honzák, Csc., psychiatrist, publicist, and university pedagogue.

Positive Recognition in Media Secured

The campaign generated AVE worth 29k euro (with a budget of less than 14k euro) and reached 100k+ people in the coal regions. The story got covered in major media houses, such as Euractiv, Lidovky, iDnes, and Parlamentni Listy,  field media like Ekolist, Obnovitelně, O Energetice, Energy Hub, but also tabloids, such as Moje celebrity.