It’s Time to Act and Green the Business 

A Change for the Better, a movement connecting Czech entrepreneurs, scientists, and active citizens, believes it’s time to act. To build an economy defined by creativity and smart investments in science and new start-ups, one with an excellent education system, one that brings prosperity and public services to the forgotten peripheries, such as border areas, the countryside, or coal mining regions.

To do so, they needed to let the business world know they have the know-how, the experience, and vision on how to achieve the strived change. 

My role: Communication Specialist


  • Communication Strategy
  • Active Citizenship
  • Renewable Energy
  • Circular Economy
  • Nature Protection

Building the resilient future on the resilient vision

A Change for the Better is a movement connecting Czech entrepreneurs, scientists, and active citizens, striving to build a self-confident, free, healthy, and sustainable economy, founded on new digital technologies, respect for the environment, quality of life, first-class science, and innovations that will cast us among the world’s leaders.

I am advising the movement on renewable energy resources implementation, circular economy, and smart cities and their communication to key stakeholders.

In this project, I have helped the movement to form the strategic plan for the following years, that the members wish to pursue within the Czech business, non-profit and governmental environments. As a communication specialist, I helped to get the message across to the key stakeholders by crafting the right narrative, choosing the appropriate medium and language for the target audience. My role was also the final touch, the grammar & stylistic check.

The plan was presented on the official event “Re-start of Czechia” by speakers like Soňa Jonášová from INCIEN (Institute of Circular Economy) and Cyril Klepek, founder of the circular start-up Cyrkl.

At this event, the main 10 points needed for a sustainable restart were introduced:  

10 measures for a sustainable restart:

1) Double the output of photovoltaic power plants in the Czech Republic by 2030 to min. 5,000 MW.

2) Invest in energy self-sufficiency. Let’s equip our buildings with a PV power plant and/or organize a bulk order of PV power plants with colleagues and employees.

3) Switch to green electricity. Let’s buy directly from the manufacturer using PPA and/or arrange delivery from one of the suppliers.

4) Let us want our suppliers to have a responsible approach to land and landscape.

5) Demand local and responsibly grown food in school and company canteens.

6) Design and implement quality green roofs and other natural elements in public space.

7) Stop dumping usable waste before the state orders it.

8) Start buying products and services according to the principles of circular purchasing and ordering.

9) Issue green bonds. Let’s involve responsible investors in the transition to an emission-free world.

10) Introduce climate vouchers. Let us support the connection of small and medium-sized enterprises with experts.

You can find the main 10 points of the strategy for resilient restart here, the full strategy document here (both in Czech).